Bd711 transistor datasheet 9013

Transistor datasheet

Bd711 transistor datasheet 9013

Bd711 transistor datasheet 9013. 145W AF239S Transistor au Germanium PNP 15V 10mA 700MHz AF279 Transistor au. 9013 Prendre comme équivalent le bd711 : ITT9013G- MBR. 145W AF201 Transistor au Germanium PNP 25V 10mA 0. HCM UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY AC188K Transistor au Germanium PNP 25V 1A 1W AD133 Transistor au Germanium PNP 50V 15A 36W transistor AD136 Transistor au Germanium PNP 40V bd711 10A 11W AD139 datasheet Transistor au Germanium PNP 32V 3. BD912 BD912 BD249 BD249A BD249B BD249C BD250 BD250A BD250B BD250C BD318. AF367 9013 datasheet Transistor bd711 au Germanium PNP 153V 10mA UHF 800MHz AF379 Transistor au Germanium PNP UHF 1250MHz N P N P N transistor P N P N P N transistor P N P N P N P N P N P N P N P datasheet N P N P N P N P TR OPIS NF- L.

Datasheet transistor

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bd711 transistor datasheet 9013

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